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Lebert SRT Barbell

Introducing the new Lebert SRT™ Barbell with SPRING TECHNOLOGY. The Lebert SRT™ Barbell adds another plane of movement taking regular exercises like the bicep curl and adding chest and delt activation, hitting muscles you never knew you had! Users SPRING IN and SPRING OUT on either side of the two sliding hand grips activating more muscles and creating more resistance with every rep.

The Lebert SRT™ Barbell comes with two 2.5 kg rubberized weights and two sets of springs: 1 low resistance, 1 medium resistance identified by colour. The springs have been tested for over 100,000 reps. The Lebert SRT™ Barbell total weight is 17 lbs (international patents pending). Instructional DVD included. 



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Lebert SRT Barbell

Lebert SRT Barbell
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